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Two Authors, One Dream

Hello and welcome to the website of Adrem Kay, two authors who have teamed up to share their creative dreams. You can read more about us, look up some of our projects, or even delve into our inane ramblings. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Our Blog

  • Bakudan at the End of the World

    8 Apr 2014

    Kay and I have been rather busy in terms of writing. In terms of Strength & Justice, the outlines of the next and final two books, Star and Judgment, are done. Kay is currently rereading and making notes on both Strength and Justice. While both of us have kept notes, it’s good to make a […]

  • Updates – March 26, 2014

    27 Mar 2014

    Hello! Kay and I are in the process of updating the website. Please bear with us as we work out all the kinks to set up the site anew. Future updates will use Mr. Yeung’s icon there. In the future, we will also attempt to host a store here, so you can buy directly through […]