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Bakudan at the End of the World


Kay and I have been rather busy in terms of writing. In terms of Strength & Justice, the outlines of the next and final two books, Star and Judgment, are done. Kay is currently rereading and making notes on both Strength and Justice. While both of us have kept notes, it’s good to make a story and character bible in case either of us run into continuity errors. Extra caution never hurts! Once she is done, we’ll begin writing our wonderful first drafts. And by wonderful, I mean ridden full of errors, caffeine nights, gross sobbing about how characters are veering off course, and other wonderful phases of first drafts. (As much as Kay and I would like to have perfect first drafts, neither of us are kidding ourselves.)

But honestly, it’s hard to get back into full-time writing when a deadly combination of real life troubles and self-doubt creep in. Since both of us have been into the Dangan Ronpa series lately, I devised a fun little role-play between the both of us based on Dangan Ronpa. We’ve dubbed the story Bakudan Ronpa since the protagonist uses bombs. (Bakudan meaning bomb in Japanese.) The way the RP is run, both of us have eight characters. One of us devises a scenario and acts like a Dungeon Master to lead the other person through the mystery. We’ve finished two scenarios by now, both run by me. Now it’s Kay’s turn behind the DM screen. Kay’s been excited to role-play Bakudan Ronpa, so it seems like my little plan is working. Cheers! Also helps me too, but that’s another story. I’ll probably post some thoughts on my blog in case anyone is that bored.

Finally — and this is what the post was supposed to be about — NaNoWriMo’s Createspace promotion will finish at the end of June. Instead of vying for more copies of Strength or Justice, since I have many of those around the house, I thought I’d try to finish off an old story. It’s called Har-Megiddo, starring the one and only Albert Megid (the guy on the featured image). I started this story in 2009 just for fun, then left it to pursue more ‘serious’ stories. But you know those old stories that continue to lurk in the back of your mind, waiting patiently to get written? That’s this story. I brought it back during NaNoWriMo 2013 and now I intend to finish it. It’s a nonsensical story but one I’m writing just for me.

Not to mention this month’s exciting Gate to Ragnarok event.

Busy times!